Language programs for schools and childcare centres
Our mission is to inspire a love of languages and an appreciation of other cultures
Welcome to The Language Company!

Languages for all

The Language Company is for schools, childcare centres and parents who want a cost-effective, pain-free way of accessing high quality languages education for their children.

If you are looking for a languages program that actually works, one which upholds the highest educational standards and is fun and engaging for kids, then you’ve come to the right place.

Outsourcing your languages to us will offer you innumerable benefits.  Not least you can tap into and leverage our expert knowledge base and capabilities. We are dedicated educators on a mission to inspire a love of languages and an appreciation of other cultures in your children. 

We are excited to welcome you to our language programs in French, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian and more.

It all starts with a conversation.  Feel free to get in touch.

Online Language Programs

We also provide language programs for primary and secondary age children online! Inspiring, interactive and fun, our online school term courses are expertly designed to give a wonderful educational experience to your children so that they engage and achieve excellence in a dynamic and welcoming setting.

Our e-learning online programs are built on three key elements proven to support your children in learning a language.

Weekly live 40 minute session to work on your child’s speaking and listening skills. These will take place at a your chosen time slot after school and will be small class groups to allow for maximum engagement and interaction between the students and the teacher.
A custom-designed Virtual Learning Hub (VLH) that your child can access anytime and at their own pace. This e-learning platform is packed with new resources and guides uploaded weekly to accompany the lessons with a range of activities, videos and games to enhance your child’s learning.
Your child’s teacher will continually monitor your child’s engagement and progress with the activities on the e-learning platform. The teacher will provide feedback and identify areas where they might need further support.
Leading School Language Classes
  • The Language Company is a trusted provider of language classes and tuition to hundreds of students across Sydney.
  • We provide pre-school and after school classes at many private and public schools each day of the week during the school term.
  • Our language classes are innovative, achieve great results and are fun!
  • Our trained language tutors and teachers are native or fluent speakers with a love for teaching.
  • Choose from French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, German and English classes for all levels of ability.

Would you like to bring a fun language class to your school, playgroup or childcare centre?

  • It's easy to start a class. We will work with you to setup and deliver a program tailored to your children and learning objectives.
  • Start a class now either before or after school, at playgroup or your childcare centre. You'll see the benefits of early language learning in your children from day one!
  • Mums and Dads also learn and have fun while at our little linguist classes.
About Us

It all began in 2009... At the time, the only language classes I could find for my young children were either too far away or just somehow all not very inspiring. So I set on a mission to create a company that specialised in providing innovative, engaging and high quality foreign language programs for kids that were convenient, well structured – and above all, lots of fun! In addition, a company that made its students feel special, welcome and provided a learning experience that was second to none.

Today, the company that began its life with just 12 students has become one of Sydney's fastest-growing foreign language providers, located in many of the North Shore’s prestigious public and private schools, and childcare centres, as well as offering clubs for pre-schoolers, and more recently language courses for adults.

We work hard to make sure we employ inspiring, dedicated and well trained teachers in all our locations; we create thoughtfully designed programs tailored to our students and keep ahead of the game in best practice through research and professional development.

I firmly believe that our founding values have made The Language Company what it is today. And most importantly, while we continue to deliver these values, our students have come to know and trust us enough to return time and time again.

I am delighted that you choose to learn with The Language Company and I am still as passionate, if not more, about the quality of our programs as I was when it all began.

Love your learning!


The Language Company Pty Ltd is a leading education provider for schools and childcare centres based in Sydney.