Our mission is to inspire a love of languages and an appreciation of other cultures
Kids & Teens

You can give your child a head start in language learning at our local, convenient language classes or in one-to-one customised tutoring lessons. Our programs are inspired by best practice around the globe and our teaching is motivating and effective. The team at The Language Company has extensive experience in the development of language teaching and in leadership in education.

Research has shown that children learn a language most naturally when they are young. At this age they are more confident about reproducing foreign sounds and are like sponges absorbing a new language almost as easily as learning their own.

Like you, we know how important it is to give children a positive experience of language learning from the start so that they develop a lifelong love of languages and an appreciation of other cultures. In our kids’ language classes, The Language Company provides an innovative approach to learning and a carefully structured curriculum that is motivating, interactive - and above all great fun.

One-to-one tutoring for high school and HSC students offers the flexibility and focused teaching required by many teenagers to get ahead in their language learning or to pick up a new language from the beginning. Our program can be tailored to complement your son or daughter’s school curriculum and improve their understanding and conversational skills, or we can provide a bespoke program devised by our team of experts tailored to the specific interests or needs of your child.

All our language programs for kids & teens are developed with a commitment to high quality provision and a passion for languages. This underpins all that we do at The Language Company.

With this in mind, you can rest assured that at our specialist kids’ language classes and in one-to-one tutoring sessions, your child will be taught by fluent or native speakers who are inspiring, energetic and enthusiastic – and above all, dedicated to their students.

Contact us today to discuss your one-to-one or small group tutoring needs, or to enrol your child in one of our school-based classes, simply click on the button below.

We are absolutely sure about the benefits of your child learning a new language and understand that you might still want to see it for yourself.

School Clubs

The Language Company provides language learning for kids in French, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish and German. We provide breakfast clubs and after school classes in many of Sydney's sought after public and private schools on the North Shore. All our classes are all open to members of the public, as well as to students at the school.

You can be confident that all our school-based 'out of hours' language classes for 5 to 12 year olds are thoughtfully designed to give a wonderful educational experience to your children so that they have fun, achieve excellence and reach their full potential in their chosen language.

Our programs achieve outstanding educational outcomes for children by taking a 'building block' approach to language learning. This philosophy means that we are continually reinforcing the foundations for fluency through consolidation of prior learning, whilst at the same time extending and building competence through the teaching of new words, phrases and grammatical structures.

We accept enrolments throughout the year. To find out where our school-based programs are located and for the latest timetable, please click on the Term Schedule opposite. Or to enrol, simply click on the button below!


Leading School Language Classes
  • The Language Company is a trusted provider of language classes and tuition to hundreds of students across Sydney.
  • We provide pre-school and after school classes at many private and public schools each day of the week during the school term.
  • Our language classes are innovative, achieve great results and are fun!
  • Our trained language tutors and teachers are native or fluent speakers with a love for teaching.
  • Choose from French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, German and English classes for all levels of ability.

Would you like to bring a fun language class to your school, playgroup or childcare centre?

  • It's easy to start a class. We will work with you to setup and deliver a program tailored to your children and learning objectives.
  • Start a class now either before or after school, at playgroup or your childcare centre. You'll see the benefits of early language learning in your children from day one!
  • Mums and Dads also learn and have fun while at our little linguist classes.
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