French, German, Italian and Spanish for Toddlers (ages 2 – 5)

“I wanted my kids to learn French in a fun but results oriented environment so I was thrilled to finally find The Language Company who understand how to devise and implement an effective language curriculum for young kids. My children were apprehensive at first, but The Little Language Company program changed this and they now LOVE French! I believe it’s because they feel so empowered at being able to speak it. The kids can now say more than I ever learnt in my first year of high school. We have received an amazing return on our investment.”
- Elana, The Little Language Company mum


Just like Elana’s kids, many toddlers join the The Little Language Company program at TLC every season. The Little Language Company is a foreign language immersion program in French, German and Italian designed especially for toddlers by specialists in early childhood education. At TLC, children dive into a world of discoveries! Not only does the program introduce your child to new sounds and to a wider culture but it deepens the parent/child bond, providing guides for continued learning and fun at home.

Research shows that the earlier the child starts learning a language, the better. Thanks to a toddler's intellectual suppleness, it is much easier for a young child to imitate, to learn, to store new knowledge, and to dive into another language and culture, without effort and with little or no accents because of their ability to reproduce even previously unknown sounds (C. Hagège, 1996). As early as 1962, Peal and Lambert proved that early language acquisition helped children to gain intellectual superiority as a result of switching easily from one language system to another.

Because an inviting and beautiful environment is important for learning, toddlers joining The Little Language Company program will love the specially arranged classroom spaces in Wahroonga's beautiful presbytarian church building right in the village and opposite the leafy park, or in the new teaching building at Wahroonga Prep School.

What is it like in a typical class at The Little Language Company?

With a focus on communication, The Little Language Company classes in French, German and Italian are designed so that your child will easily pick up the new language and culture in a fun and interactive way.

Classes begin with free play during which children are encouraged to interact with their teacher and classmates. The instructor then introduces the theme of the day through a story, songs, marionettes, and other fun and captivating ways. Through arts-and-craft projects, the teacher introduces new vocabulary each week that is reinforced through games and movement (dance, etc.). Snack time is a moment to relax and for your child to learn how to express his or her likes or dislikes and to learn basic interactions in the language such as how to accept or reject something that is offered, how to ask for something, and more!

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Leading School Language Classes
  • The Language Company is a trusted provider of language classes and tuition to hundreds of students across Sydney.
  • We provide pre-school and after school classes at many private and public schools each day of the week during the school term.
  • Our language classes are innovative, achieve great results and are fun!
  • Our trained language tutors and teachers are native or fluent speakers with a love for teaching.
  • Choose from French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, German and English classes for all levels of ability.

Would you like to bring a fun language class to your school, playgroup or childcare centre?

  • It's easy to start a class. We will work with you to setup and deliver a program tailored to your children and learning objectives.
  • Start a class now either before or after school, at playgroup or your childcare centre. You'll see the benefits of early language learning in your children from day one!
  • Mums and Dads also learn and have fun while at our little linguist classes.
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